Raoul Walsh

Portrait Raoul WalshDirector, Author, Producer - USA
Born March 11, 1887 in New York City, New York, USA
Died December 31, 1980 in Simi Valley, California, USA

Raoul Walsh was born on March 11, 1887 in New York City, New York, USA. He was an American Director, Author, Producer, known for Along the great Divide (1951), Esther and the King (1960), Sea devils (1953), Raoul Walsh's first movie on record is from 1913. Raoul Walsh died on December 31, 1980 in Simi Valley, California, USA. His last motion picture on file dates from 1973.

Raoul Walsh Filmography [Auszug]
1973: [] The Men Who Made the Movies: Raoul Walsh (Cast), Directed by Richard Schickel, with Cliff Robertson,
1963: [] A distant trumpet (Director), with Troy Donahue, Suzanne Pleshette, Diane McBain,
1961: [] Marines, let's go (Director), with , David Hedison, Tom Reese,
1960: [] Esther and the King (Director), with Denis O'Dea, Renato Baldini, Daniela Rocca,
1960: [] Come September (Producer), Directed by Robert Mulligan, with Bobby Darin, Brenda De Banzie, Sandra Dee,
1959: [] A Private's Affair (Director), with Sal Mineo, Christine Carère, ,
1958: [] The naked and the dead (Director), with William Campbell, Richard Jaeckel, Raymond Massey,
1958: [] The Sheriff of Fractured Law (Director), with Bruce Cabot, , Robert Morley,
1957: [] Band of angels (Director), with Clark Gable, Yvonne De Carlo, Sidney Poitier,
1956: [/ /1] The king and four queens (Director), with Jay C. Flippen, Clark Gable, Sara Jane,
1956: [] The Revolt of Mamie Stover (Director), with Jane Russell, Richard Egan, Joan Leslie,
1955: [] Battle cry (Director), with Mona Freeman, Van Heflin, Tab Hunter,
1955: [] The Tall men (Director), with Clark Gable, Cameron Mitchell, Jane Russell,
1954: [] Saskatchewan (O'Rourke of the Royal Mounted) (Director), with Shelley Winters, Alan Ladd, J. Carrol Naish,
1953: [/ /1] Sea devils (Director), with Jacques B. Brunius, Bryan Forbes, Michael Goodliffe,
1953: [] The Lawless Breed (Director), with Julie Adams, Mary Castle, Tom Fadden,
1953: [] Gun Fury (Director), with Philip Carey, Roberta Haynes, Rock Hudson,
1953: [] A lion in the Streets (Director), with James Cagney, Anne Francis,
1953: [04.04] Die grosse Fahrt (Director), Directed by Lewis Seiler, with Theo Shall, Marion Lessing, Ullrich Haupt,
1952: [/ /1] Blackbeard the pirate (Director), with Keith Andes, William Bendix, Linda Darnell,
1952: [] Glory Alley (Director), with John McIntire, Ralph Meeker, Dan Seymour,
1952: [06.18] The world in his arms (Director), with Gregory Peck, Ann Blyth, Carl Esmond,
1951: [/ /1] Along the great Divide (Flucht durch die Wüste) (Director), with John Agar, James Anderson, Morris Ankrum,
1951: [] Captain Horatio Hornblower (Director), with Gregory Peck, Virginia Mayo, Robert Beatty,
1951: [] Distant drums (Director), with Gary Cooper, Mari Aldon, ,
1950: [////1] The Enforcer (Director), Directed by Bretaigne Windhurst, with Michael Tolan, Humphrey Bogart, Zero Mostel,
1949: [] White heat (Director), with James Cagney, Virginia Mayo, Edmond O'Brien,
1949: [/ /1] It's a great Feeling (Cast: Raoul Walsh), Directed by David Butler, with Doris Day, Bill Goodwin, Wilfred Lucas,
1949: [06.11] Colorado territory (North of the Rio Grande) (Director), with Joel McCrea, Virginia Mayo, Dorothy Malone,
1948: [/ /1] Silver River (Director), with Bruce Bennett, Ann Sheridan, Thomas Mitchell,
1948: [] Fighter Squadron (Director), with Shepperd Strudwick, John Rodney, Walter Reed,
1947: [] Pursued (Director), with Robert Mitchum, Teresa Wright, Judith Anderson,
1947: [06.06] Cheyenne (The Wyoming Kid) (Director), with Dennis Morgan, Jane Wyman, Janis Paige,
1946: [] The man I love (Director), with Dolores Moran, Robert Alda, Bruce Bennett,
1945: [/ /1] San Antonio (Director: /xx/), Directed by David Butler, Robert Florey, with Alexis Smith, Robert Shayne, John Litel,
1945: [/ /1] The horn blows at Midnight (Director), with Jack Benny, Allyn Joslyn, Guy Kibbee,
1945: [] Objective, Burma! (Operation Burma) (Director), with John Alvin, Warner Anderson, James Brown,
1945: [03.22] Salty O'Rourke (Director), with Alan Ladd, Gail Russell, William Demarest,
1944: [] Uncertain Glory (Director), with Errol Flynn, Paul Lukacs, ,
1943: [11.13] Northern Pursuit (Director), with Errol Flynn, Julie Bishop, John Forsythe,
1943: [////1] Background to Danger (Director), with Brenda Marshall, George Raft, Osa Massen,
1942: [/ /1] Gentleman Jim (Director), with Ward Bond, Jack Carson, Alan Hale,
1942: [/ /1] Desperate journey (Director), with Alan Hale, Ilka Grüning, Richard Fraser,
1941: [] High Sierra (Director), with Humphrey Bogart, Ida Lupino, Arthur Kennedy,
1941: [] Manpower (Director), with Marlene Dietrich, George Raft, Edward G. Robinson,
1941: [] Man Power (Director), with Marlene Dietrich, George Raft, Edward G. Robinson,
1941: [] They died with their boots on (Director), with George P. Huntley jr., Stanley Ridges, Anthony Quinn,
1941: [02.22] Strawberry Blonde (Director), with Herbert Heywood, Edward McNamara, ,
1940: [07.27] They drive by night (The Road to Frisco) (Director), with George Raft, Ann Sheridan, Ida Lupino,
1940: [////1] Dark Command (Director), with Porter Hall, Helen MacKellar, Joseph Sawyer,
1939: [10.23] The Roaring Twenties (Director), Directed by Anatole Litvak, with James Cagney, Priscilla Lane, Humphrey Bogart,
1938: [] College Swing (Director), with George Burns, , Martha Raye,
1937: [08.13] Artists and Models (Director), with Jack Benny, Ida Lupino, Richard Arlen,
1937: [] Jump for Glory (Director), with Douglas Fairbanks jr., Leo Genn, Valerie Hobson,
1936: [] Big Brown Eyes (Director), with Cary Grant, Joan Bennett, Walter Pidgeon,
1936: [02.21] Klondike Annie (Director), with Mae West, Victor McLaglen, Phillip Reed,
1933: [10.07] The Bowery (Director), with Oscar Apfel, Wallace Beery, Herman Bing,
1933: [] Going Hollywood (Director), with Marion Davies, Bing Crosby, Fifi D'Orsay,
1933: [] Sailor's Luck (Director),
1932: [] Me and my Gal (Director), with Joan Bennett, Marion Burns, J. Farrell MacDonald,
1932: [] Wild Girl (Director), with Charles Farrell, Joan Bennett, Ralph Bellamy,
1931: [10.30] The yellow Ticket (The yellow Passport) (Director), with Elissa Landi, Lionel Barrymore, Laurence Olivier,
1931: [05.31] Women of all nations (Director), with Victor McLaglen, Edmund Lowe, Greta Nissen,
1931: [01/11] The man who came back (Director), with Janet Gaynor, Charles Farrell, Kenneth Mackenna,
1930: [/ /1] The big trail (Director), with Marion Lessing, Ward Bond, El Brendel,
1929: [10.20] The Cock-Eyed World (Director), with Victor McLaglen, Edmund Lowe, Lili Damita,
1929: [01.20] In Old Arizona (Director), Directed by Irving Cummings, with Warner Baxter, Edmund Lowe, Dorothy Burgess,
1928: [12.02] The red dance (The Red Dancer of Moscow) (Director), with Dolores Del Rio, Charles Farrell, Ivan Linow,
1928: [] Me, Gangster (Director), with Carole Lombard,
1928: [01.07] Sadie Thompson (Director), with Gloria Swanson, Lionel Barrymore, Blanche Friderici,
1927: [09.04] The Loves of Carmen (Director), with Dolores Del Rio, , Victor McLaglen,
1927: [02.20] The Monkey Talks (Director), with Olive Borden, Don Alvarado, Malcolm Waite,
1926: [12.24] Hitting a New High (Director), with Lily Pons, Jack Oakie, John Howard,
1926: [11.23] What price glory ? (Director), with Dolores Del Rio, Edmund Lowe, William V. Mong,
1925: [01.05] East of Suez (Director), with Pola Negri, Edmund Lowe, Rockliffe Fellowes,
1924: [03.18] The Thief of Bagdad (The Thief of Bagdad: An Arabian Nights Fantasy) (Director), with Douglas Fairbanks, Julanne Johnston, Snitz Edwards,
1923: [03.09] Rosita (Director: (/xx/) ), Directed by Ernst Lubitsch, with Mary Pickford, Holbrook Blinn, Irene Rich,
1922: [] Kindred of the Dust (Director), with Miriam Cooper, Ralph Graves, Lionel Belmore,
1920: [05.02] The Deep Purple (Director: (AKA R.A. Walsh) ), with Miriam Cooper, Helen Ware, Vincent Serrano,
1919: [11.01] Should a Husband Forgive? (Director: (AKA R.A. Walsh) ), with Miriam Cooper, Beatrice Beckley, Eric Mayne,
1919: [08.19] Evangeline (Director), with Miriam Cooper, Alan Roscoe, Spottiswoode Aitken,
1918: [12.22] I'll Say So (Director: (AKA Raoul A. Walsh)), with George Walsh, Regina Quinn, William Bailey,
1917: [09.16] The Conqueror (Director), with William Farnum, Jewel Carmen, Charles Clary,
1917: [09.02] Betrayed (Director), with Miriam Cooper, James A. Marcus, Hobart Bosworth,
1917: [07.21] The Innocent Sinner (Scenario: (AKA R.A. Walsh) ), with Miriam Cooper, Charles Clary, Jack Standing,
1917: [02.12] The Honor System (Director: (AKA R.A. Walsh) ), with Milton Sills, Cora Drew, James A. Marcus,
1916: [08.27] Pillars of Society (Director), with Henry B. Walthall, Mary Alden, ,
1916: [04.02] Blue Blood and Red (Director), with George Walsh, , Doris Pawn,
1916: [01.23] The Serpent (Fires of Hate) (Director), with Theda Bara, James A. Marcus, Lillian Hathaway,
1915: [11.01] Carmen (Director), with Theda Bara, Einar Linden, Carl Harbaugh,
1915: [09.16] Peer Gynt (Director), Directed by Oscar Apfel, with Cyril Maude, Myrtle Stedman, Fanny Stockbridge,
1915: [09.13] Regeneration (Director: (AKA R.A. Walsh)), with Rockcliffe Fellowes, Anna Q. Nilsson, William Sheer,
1915: [] The Outlaw's Revenge (The Outlaw's Revenge in the Dawn of a New Republic) (Cast: The outlaw (AKA R.A. Walsh) ), Directed by Christy Cabanne, with Irene Hunt, Teddy Sampson,
1915: [] Siren of Hell (Director), with Theda Bara,
1915: [06.05] The Celestial Code (Director), with Irene Hunt, George Walsh, ,
1915: [05.23] 11:30 P.M. (Director), with Al W. Filson, Loretta Blake, Erich von Ritzau,
1915: [01.01] The Birth of a Nation (The Clansman) (Cast: John Wilkes Booth, Lincoln's Murderer), Directed by D.W. Griffith, with Henry B. Walthall, Miriam Cooper, Mae Marsh,
1914: [12.05] Who Shot Bud Walton? (Director), with Sam de Grasse, Eugene Pallette,
1914: [09.07] Sierra Jim's Reformation (Cast: Sierra Jim), Directed by John B. O'Brien, with Wallace Reid, Gertrude McLynn,
1914: [07.26] The Mystery of the Hindu Image (Director), with Nick Cage, Dark Cloud,
1914: [07.05] The Angel of Contention (Cast: Jack Colter ), Directed by John B. O'Brien, with Lillian Gish, Spottiswoode Aitken, George Siegmann,
1914: [] The Baited Trap (Cast: (--??--)), Directed by N. N., with King Baggot, Arline Pretty, Frank Smith,
1914: [06.14] The Rebellion of Kitty Belle (Cast: Bud Parker (AKA Raoul A. Walsh)), Directed by Christy Cabanne, with Lillian Gish, Robert Harron,
1914: [05.09] The Life of General Villa (The Outlaw's Revenge (Titel not confirmed)) (Cast: Pancho Villa as a young man ), Directed by Christy Cabanne, with , Irene Hunt,
1914: [05.03] The Dishonored Medal (Cast: El Rabb, son of Zora and adopted son of Sheik Achmed (AKA Raoul A. Walsh)), Directed by Christy Cabanne, with Miriam Cooper, George Gebhardt,
1914: [04.15] The Banker's Daughter (Cast), Directed by William F. Haddock, Edward M. Roskam, with Katherine La Salle, William H. Tooker, David Wall,
1914: [03.00] The Great Leap (Until Death Do Us Part) (Cast), Directed by Christy Cabanne, with Mae Marsh, Robert Harron, Ralph Lewis,
1913: [07.26] The Stranger (Cast: Jack Nobel (AKA A.E. Walsh) ), Directed by N. N., with King Baggot, Violet Mersereau, Howard Crampton,

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